Boycott Garibay Law
Pueblo, CO

on behalf of Ms. Ivy Carter, a local Pueblo artist who
was commissioned by Mr. Guillermo R. Garibay, Esq.
to create a large painting juxtaposing a legal courtroom
setting with Mexican "Dia de los Muertos" imagery.

The agreed-upon price was $400 (four hundred dollars).
Upon delivery of the painting, Mr. Garibay changed
his mind, and claimed that he had only solicited a
miniature sketch, and put a check for fifty dollars in
Ms. Carter's hands "to cover the cost of materials."

If this behavior seems illegitimate to you, please
make a call to Garibay Law Office TODAY!
The end of this Boycott, when the commissioned
piece is paid in full, will be announced on this website...

On August 1st 2008 this case, which faced a countersuit
by the attorney, was dismissed in the Pueblo Small
Claims Court by agreement of both parties. It turns
out that Garibay had wanted his skeletons to be wearing
tuxedos and formal gowns.