Pueblo Universalists

"Those people are dangerous."
-Linda Ohmans-

               Better UU Mousetrap

"De todos bajo el gran sol
Surja esperanza, fe, amor
Verdad, y belleza cantando,
de cada tierra, cada voz.

"From all that dwell below the skies
Let faith and hope with love arise
Let beauty, truth, and good be sung
Through every land by every tongue."
               Isaac Watts, 1674-1748

En todos lados del gran mundo,
Humanidad con fe profundo
Se va cantando espero por
Beldad, verdad, bondad, amor.

              -10 December, 2006-

16 March, 2015
"Regarding the development of the new website, we apologize
on behalf of FUS for making you feel devalued as a friend
and contributor to FUS. In the future, we plan on making all
friends and members aware of any changes that may affect them."

-Acker, FUS Board of Directors-

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